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UCT eResearch is a distributed organisation that promotes the use of advanced information technologies to support innovative research practice. eResearch partners with research groups to accelerate and transform research, connecting them to the most appropriate services to support the research lifecycle.

UCT eResearch also trains researchers in areas of scientific computing. It offers training in the use of Linux operating systems, high-performance computing, scientific computing applications and programming (also known as Software Carpentry) and data management planning, as well as a series of seminars targeted at emerging and early-career researchers (a list of training offerings is available here).

In the age of big data and large-scale international collaboration, researchers require dedicated support from specialists in information technology, who are often embedded in the research team. Without this support, researchers risk diverting time and resources into the development and maintenance of potentially substandard or inefficient solutions – or simply spending much more time doing analyses.

Technology-enabled research practices are game-changers for the pace and depth of research discoveries – so much so that gaps are appearing between those institutions with a clear strategy for effective eResearch support and those without. UCT eResearch is our response to this changing research landscape.

Get access

As a researcher at UCT, whether a principal investigator or a postgraduate researcher, you can email UCT eResearch for any technology-related research enquiry. The eResearch team will direct your message to the professionals offering the relevant service.

Find a list of the UCT eResearch training offerings on its website or for more information, email eResearch.


UCT eResearch is a partnership between Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS), UCT Libraries and the Research Office. UCT eResearch plays an integral part in UCT's research strategy which commits to resource, support and internationalise research; to enhance disciplinary and transdisciplinary research, and to support engaged scholarship and bring research into teaching.

UCT eResearch aims to support these goals to accelerate research at UCT in a technology-enabled environment that is becoming more multidisciplinary, more global and more reliant on the capabilities of advanced networks of storage and computational resources.